Terms & Conditions

The main ingredients in each of our products are detailed within every hamper and treat box.  It should be noted that traces of other ingredients not directly listed, such as nuts, may also be found within our products since they are used elsewhere in our kitchen.  Please contact us on 0118 9843300 to discuss any allergy concerns or specific dietary requirements.

If alcohol is being purchased as part of your order, you confirm that both you and the recipient (if different) of the order are aged 18 or over.  Alcohol shall only be delivered to persons aged 18 or over and will only be delivered to the person named as the recipient on the transaction order.  If the person named on the transaction order appears to be under the age of 25, they shall be required to show an approved form of identification prior to the alcohol being handed over by the delivery driver. Failure to show the required form of ID will result in the non delivery of the alcohol and a refund in respect of that part of the order which relates to alcohol only. The forms of approved identification that shall be accepted are a current UK passport, a current UK DVLA driving licence with photograph, or an identity card with the “PASS” hologram embossed on it.

You agree that “Extra Treat” items including all forms of alcohol cannot be sold separately.  All bottles of alcohol and all products within our “Extra Treats” range can only be purchased at the same time as one of our Hampers.

All orders are subject to availability.

Orders must be made at least 48 hours before the requested delivery date.  We would appreciate as much warning as possible for all larger orders. Event catering should be agreed and ordered at least one week before the delivery date.  If you require an order to be delivered in under these time frames please call us on 0118 9843300 to see if we are able to accommodate your request.

Cancellations may be possible up to 48 hours before the delivery date of an order (with the exception of catered events).  To cancel an order please call us on 0118 9843300.

In the unlikely event that goods from The Rosewater Bakery arrive in a less than satisfactory condition, we request that you contact us within 12 hours of  receipt of your delivery to register a complaint.

Fresh tea hampers will be delivered between 10am and 2pm so please ensure someone will be available at the delivery address to accept the hamper during this time.  Since our fresh hampers are designed to be consumed within 24 hours of delivery, a later re-delivery of your hamper may not be possible and could incur an additional charge.

All products prepared by The Rosewater Bakery are perishable. Recommended storage instructions should be followed and best before dates adhered to.

The Rosewater Bakery reserves the right to cancel an order if it is found that the price, description or image relating to a product on this website is incorrect.

All prices shown are in Great British Pounds and are inclusive of UK VAT where applicable.

Gift certificates issued by The Rosewater Bakery can be used as payment or towards part payment for any goods purchased from The Rosewater Bakery by phone or online at www.rosewaterbakery.co.uk to the value shown. Our gift certificates can only be used in full in a single transaction, no change can be given and they may not be redeemed for cash, transferred or returned. Rosewater Bakery gift certificates are only valid up to and including the Expiry date shown on the front of the certificate (6 months from the date of issue). Gift certificates will not be replaced when lost, damaged or stolen, and will be considered null and void if tampered with.

The Rosewater Bakery and its employees may not be able to fulfil orders in circumstances out of our reasonable control, such as (but not limited to) lightning, flood or severe weather conditions, fire or explosion, civil disorder, damage or vandalism to our property or equipment, terrorist activities, war, actions of local or national governments or other authorities, or industrial disputes.  Refunds for unfulfilled orders due to matters out of our control will be considered on a case by case basis.

Payment for goods to be provided by The Rosewater Bakery must be made in full before the delivery date or orders will be automatically cancelled.

The Rosewater Bakery reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.